Missing Man in Malcolm Knapp Research Forest

Ridge Meadows SAR was activated last night shortly after 21:00 to respond to Loon Lake in the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest for a missing hiker. The subject was a male from Ontario who was at the camp for a corporate retreat and had decided to go for a short hike at 16:30. He had no supplies with him and had not told anyone where he had intended on hiking.
On our arrival, we learned that Loon Lake staff had already begun searching the roads and trails and had set up a command post with a subject profile, list of assignments, and maps of the area. We were able to seamlessly take over and created several new assignments. It was on one of these new assignments that we located footprints that fit the general description of the footwear our subject was thought to be wearing. Shortly after, a second team coming down from the north of the lake made voice contact with our subject. Two teams in the vicinity converged on their location and the subject, a little cold and tired, was walked out to a vehicle and driven back to base.
The subject had underestimated the length of time it would take to circumnavigate the lake and had run out of daylight around 18:00 when the light on his cellphone gave out. He made the smart decision to stay put and wait for help.
Task was concluded at 02:00 hrs this morning.

Golden Ears task – update

On the morning of Saturday April 14th,2017, Ridge Meadows SAR along with members of Central Fraser Valley SAR, Coquitlam SAR, Mission SAR, and Surrey SAR returned to Lower Falls on Gold Creek in Golden Ears Provincial Park to resume the search for the missing male from last Sunday. Search teams scoured the waters of Gold Creek from the falls to Alouette Lake. The subject still remains missing. RMSAR, along with Ridge Meadows RCMP, will continue to monitor the water levels to determine when it is safe to resume the search.

Ongoing task in Golden Ears Park

On Tuesday, members of RMSAR and the Integrated UAV Unit (RCMP and West Vancouver Police) went back to Lower Falls and deployed two UAVs equipped with high resolution cameras to search Lower Falls and sections of Gold Creek. As well, RCMP helicopter Air Eight out of Comox searched the length of Gold Creek. Nothing was located.
RMSAR is planning on deploying swiftwater teams again this weekend to search Gold Creek

Overdue off-road motorcyclist located on Blue Mountain

At 4:30 on Monday afternoon March 13th, Ridge Meadows RCMP contacted us to respond to Blue Mountain for a missing 15 year old dirt biker. The subject and a friend had taken a dirt bike up 256th Street past the gate to take turns riding. When the subject did not return, his friend hiked out to a road and flagged a driver down to take him home to call for help. RMSAR deployed a team on their side by side up a BC Hydro access road at the end of 248th Street while a second team was dispatched up the 256th street access. The subject was located by friends as he was walking back to 256th Street, tired but in good shape.

New recruit day hike.

For those of you who left your contact information with us at one of the information sessions, please watch for an email from us with the details of the day hike.

If you do not hear from us by Wednesday, check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received it, please send an email to dayhike@rmsar.bc.ca with your contact info and we will resend the details. Some of the printing on the sign-in sheet was a bit illegible…